The Self Love Strategy

Pracital Methods to Love Yourself and Love Your Life

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Isn't it time that we got to the nitty gritty of self love?

You're always taking care of other people, but never find time for yourself. You can't remember the last time "you" were number one on your priority list. And even when you do manage such a feat and carve out a little "me time," you can't help but feel guilty and useless.

It seems like you have a million and one things to do except take care of yourself. Maybe you forgot or just never learned how in the first place. But at the end of the day, "self love" and "self care" don't seem to fit in with your lifestyle.

Perhaps your stress comes from the craziness of motherhood, the constantly demanding work you do, or the caregiver role you've taken on amongst your family and friends. Between changing diapers, picking up kids, responding to emails, being on call 24/7, and constantly being there for other people, who has the time to love themselves anyway?

Sure, on an intellectual level you know that in a perfect world, you should learn to love yourself. You might even kinda, sorta think it would be useful in your life now. So you start to looking what this "self love" is really all about. You read the sea of Instagram quotes, Pinterest prints, and motivational words to

  • Love yourself like you love others
  • Unlock your inner goddess and see your true potential
  • Don't let anyone dull your sparkle.

But then you're thinking....what in the world does that even mean? My inner goddess? My sparkle? What am I supposed to do with that? And you're left to wonder: how do I actually learn to love myself in a way that works for real people and not unicorns?

It's time to cut the woo woo bullshit.

And by that, I mean

Woo woo bullshit: Vague, mystic nonsense that provides no practical or applicable value (i.e. useless)

It's about time that we demystified self love and left the useless ideologies at the door. Wouldn't you rather learn methods and techniques to love your body instead of just saying "my body is a temple that I worship every day?" Wouldn't you rather learn how to create the social support system that you need instead of telling yourself "self love is the biggest middle finger of all time?" I mean, who are you trying to prove that to? Wouldn't you rather develop a self care and self indulgence routine that works for you and your personality instead of "making a promise to hold yourself sacred?"

Self love doesn't have to be a lofty idea high up in the sky. Self love doesn't have to be exclusive to a select group of women. In fact, self love shouldn't be either of those. It should be attainable and achievable for everyone.

Yes! You can learn to love yourself and love your life. And better yet, you can learn how in ways that work for real women without needing to figure out what the heck your inner goddess is or who in the world is dulling your sparkle. Because at the end of day, we want strategy. We want methods, techniques, and tools that we can actually use. No woo woo bullshit.

And where can we find all that?

Cue: The Self Love Strategy

The Self Love Strategy is a comprehensive e-course and community designed to make self love a practical lifestyle. You'll learn realistic ways to make self love a part of your daily life and not just mystic words.

That's right. No woo woo bullshit. Just genuine strategy.

It's time we graduated from the whats and the whys of self love and finally learned the hows?

Yeah! You know it is! And the strategies you'll learn in the course have absolutely worked for me. The Self Love Strategy is how I transformed from an emotional hot mess into an independent and confident women. Heck, I might even dare to say...functional human?

Nope, you don't have to shell out hundreds at a spa, thousands on life coaches, or scour the Internet endlessly looking for applicable ways to improve your relationship with yourself. You can get it all in one place, right here, right now.


But who am I to say anything? Let me introduce myself!

Your Instructor

Melanie Tsuchiya
Melanie Tsuchiya

Hey! I'm Melanie, founder and author of Be Simply It.

I know so many amazing women who spend all of their time taking care of others, but never take care of themselves. And I admit, I used to be one of the worst offenders of putting everyone else before myself! But once I realized that isn't a sustainable way to live, I started developing methods to put myself first. I learned that there's no reason to feel guilty about it and figured out how to make self love a lifestyle versus a one time gig.

My goal in life is to make sure you wake up every single day knowing your worth and believing in your value. Because you are worth it! And I'm here to be by your side every step of the way.

The Self Love Strategy is for you if...

  • You’re ready to graduate from the whats and the whys of self love and learn the hows
  • You’re ready to love yourself, know your value, and put the work into getting there
  • You’re serious about transforming yourself and want a full set of actionable steps to make that happen
  • You’ve seen some of my content from Be Simply It, maybe read my newsletter, and feel like we can connect and learn from one another

What's included in The Self Love Strategy?

  • Lifetime access to the course (including any bonuses, updates, or additional materials regardless of price change)
  • Downloadable workbook for all the warm-up exercises and take-away activities
  • Access to The Self Love Strategists Facebook group (exclusive to The Self Love Strategy students)
  • Weekly 1-hour video Q&A sessions with Melanie via The Self Love Strategists FB group

So what do we even cover in The Self Love Strategy?

We've got six modules to cover your life from inside and out.

(Module 1) Know Yourself to Love Yourself: The Power of Self Awareness and Why It’s Necessary for Self Improvement

You have to know yourself to love yourself. Being self aware will give you the knowledge to improve yourself the best you can. In this module, we will cover the basics of self awareness, your strengths and weakness, and how you can use that knowledge to power your self love journey in ways that work for you.

(Module 2) Setting Boundaries: How to Find the Time to Prioritize Yourself and Not Feel Guilty

This module is all about setting boundaries and creating space for yourself. At first, we all feel selfish for prioritizing ourselves. But we’ll talk about how to overcome (and eventually eliminate) that guilt. You’ll learn the importance of standing up for your boundaries and how to stand by them.

(Module 3) Self Care vs Self Indulgence: The Difference Between the Two and Why You Need Both

Self care is quite the buzzword nowadays. But it’s more than a hot bath or a trip to the spa. We’re going to cover wholesome, comprehensive self care. In this module, we’ll discuss how to develop a multidimensional self care routine, what self care activities will actually recharge and refresh you, and how to find a balance between self care and self indulgence.

(Module 4) Body Confidence: How to Love Your Body and Shamelessly Worship Your Physical Beauty

I want you to love the skin you’re in! This module is all about loving our physical forms regardless of shape and size. We talk about how to surround yourself with body confident women, how to use social media in a healthy way, and steps you can take to love your body no matter what.

(Module 5) Your Social Network: How to Surround Yourself with the Right People and Maximize the Good from Your Relationships

I'm sure you've heard at one point or another that we’re the sum of the six people we spend the most time with. So we better make them count, right? In this module, we’re going to evaluate your current social circle, learn to identify and eliminate toxic relationships, and discuss how to get the most out of the relationships with the people you love. By the end, you should know how to set up the best social network for you!

(Module 6) Self Confidence and Self Esteem: How to Know Your Value and Strut Your Stuff

In our final module, we’ll talk about how to combine everything we’ve learned into a transformed, self confident you. We’re going to cover how to love yourself regardless of your external circumstances, embrace your value, and how to strut your stuff without feeling too showy. It'll be the end of our transformation from emotional hot mess to functional, confident human!

I want you to feel great about your investment in yourself.

I gladly offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If after 30 days of completing the course you feel like The Self Love Strategy just isn’t a good fit, you can absolutely request a full refund.

I only ask we

  • first try to discuss any changes or accommodations that I can make (give me a chance to make it right!)
  • (as kindly as possible) let me know how I can improve the course for my future students (because I’m 100% invested in making this course the best it can be).

10% of all proceeds will support the Safe House Denver Extended Stay Program

I firmly believe in supporting and empowering women from all walks of life. Self love should not be exclusive to a select group of women. Therefore, The Self Love Strategy will not only give back to you, but others as well. Because in order to make a lasting impact, we have to build community and connection with everyone around us.

I'm happy to announce that 10% of all proceeds will go to The Safe House Denver Extended Stay Program. This incredible program will "provide safe, secure, rent-free independent living to survivors of domestic violence in fully-furnished studio or one bedroom apartments." I'm determined to make Be Simply It and The Self Love Strategy about giving. Because I truly believe in people over profit.

You read more about this amazing project here.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Classroom doors open up Friday, April 28th at 9:00 am MST and never close! Once you're enrolled, you have access to The Self Love Strategy for life!
But I already don't have time for myself, how will I have time for this course?
I always say that you're never going to just "find" time for yourself. You're always going to have to make it! One of the great benefits of this course it that it's completely self paced and can easily be done in bite sized chunks. Each video is under 15 minutes and packed with strategy because I'm not going to waste your time with fluff. Maybe you can wake up early on one day a week or tag team babysitting hours with another mom so you can both finish the course. Or sneak in a lesson on your lunch break at work. However you make the time is totally up to your schedule. Just know that it's 100% worth it. The entire goal of this course is to help you cut corners and learn life lessons now that might take years otherwise.
So does this mean I can skip my therapy appointments?
No! This course is NOT designed to replace medical care or professional mental health providers (as I am not a mental health professional). Rather, The Self Love Strategy is a great addition for anyone who wants to learn practical self love techniques.
Alright, but what if this course just plain sucks?
I'm 100% confident in the work and lessons I provide. I'm absolutely dedicated to making the course the best it can be for all of my incredible students. If you feel like the course just isn't working for you, let's talk about it first! If there's anything additional that I can provide for you, I want to make that happen. That being said, I know that this course relies greatly on our relationship. This isn't just the usual "I talk, you listen" type of format. If it seems like The Self Love Strategy is just not the right fit for you, I'm more than happy to offer a refund up to 30 day of completing the course. I only ask that we (1) discuss and try any possible accommodations and that (2) you kindly tell me what ways I can improve the course for my future students.
I really think this course could help me, but there's no way I can afford it
That's totally ok! As a long time broke college student, I'm all too familiar with the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. I get it! I absolutely believe that The Self Love Strategy should be accessible to everyone who thinks it could change their life, regardless of finances. So I'm happy to announce The Self Love Strategy Ambassador program. When available, I will open Ambassador positions to members of the free Be Simply It Self Lovelies Facebook group. As a Self Love Strategy Ambassador, you get The Self Love Strategy for FREE. I only ask that you be a model student and pillar within the community. You can find all the details to become an Ambassador at www.besimplyit.com/self-love-strategy-ambassador

The Self Love Strategy is all about giving

Once you enroll, you’ll have lifetime access to everything in the course now and in the future. Because self love is a journey, not a destination. And I’m here to cheer you on every single step of the way.

This course is more than a one time purchase. It's a lifetime investment in yourself.

Get started now!